Taisho Sword Co.

For over 40 years K. "Sugi" Sugimoto, founder of the Taisho Sword Co. has been deeply involved in Japanese swords, arts and antiques internationally. Through him, we have been engaged in buying, selling, trading, appraising and certifying fine Japanese artifacts. His passion drives our committment to providing the rare and high quality collections available at www.TaishoSword.com


The Taisho Sword Co. expert team holds a deep respect for the rich tradition of Japanese culture. This small island nation in the Pacific Ocean has established itself in the pages of history through discipline and attention to detail. We believe that through the appreciation and collection of Japanese treasures, produced over more than a millennia, a person establishes a connection to its history. 


We bring collector's the finest quality Japanese art and antiques, specializing in Japanese swords (katana, wakizashi, tanto, yari), tsuba, and other sword fittings. Share in our passion to connect and preserve the unique attributes of this powerful culture by owning a significant piece of world history.
K. Sugimoto & Team